Sunday Celebration Service Mindful Breathing June 7 2020

Our Theme for June 2020 is Mindfulness for Mavericks.  Typically those of us that find our way to Unity and become seekers have left the herd and are looking for a deeper understanging of Life.  This Week our Them is Mindful Breathing.  Today start Breathing Intentionally as a spiritual practice not just when meditating but as a new default state of engaging. Engaging in The Law of Circulation, Law of Reciprocity, Grounding, Aligning, and being in the flow. Breathing is only in the NOW. 


(You will surely find some editing (or non-editing) issues in these first few videos as we are pretty much new to online services.....stay with us as we get better).

Thank you & Welcome to Unity of Beaverton

Rev. Cathi Condon